Freebie Friday #120: Excellent “stuff I can use” in youth ministry

Free youth ministry resources every FridayThere are tons of youth ministry resource websites out there, some of them helpful, some of them not. But when I was recently turned on to, I instantly bookmarked it. The site is run by some guys from a church in Louisville, KY, who have the same heart I do for resourcing leaders. In fact, their story is exactly the same as mine that prompted me to start Freebie Friday: they put a lot of work into creating a lesson series, used it once, and then just watched it collect digital dust on a hard drive somewhere. Although there are similarities in our hearts for you guys, they definitely out-do me on the web design edge. Their site looks so slick! I love it!

StuffICanUse.comBest of all, though, is that their materials are all very high-quality, useful and looks amazingly professional. You usually won’t get a transcript or an outline of the actual lessons, but after you see all the graphics and promo tools they provide, you almost don’t even care. For each series, they usually include things like high-res posters, postcards, flyers, count-down timers, PowerPoint background, movie loops, Photoshop files, promo videos, and more.


Join us at 2:00 PM EST this afternoon in our LIVE YM Talk. Ryan Neilson, the guy behind, will be leading us in a discussion about Collaborating with other youth pastors/ministries. See the LIVE YM Talk page for details on how to join the call and/or the live chat.

Posted on April 9, 2009

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