Freebie Friday #144: Outlines for 4 youth leader training meetings

Free youth ministry resources every FridayLast week I was on Simply Youth Ministry’s website and noticed a pretty solid downloadable sample for one of their products. While it’s not usual for their products to have samples to check out, this sample was a lot more useful as a standalone than, say, the first chapter of one of their books that’s kinda pointless without the rest of the book.

Youth Leader Training on the Go is a book that contains 52 training outlines that you can use with your volunteer youth leaders, as well as 12 pre-written email encouragements, handouts, and an audio CD. It’s available for only $20 right now, which is cool. But what’s even cooler is that you can download 4 of the training outlines and 1 encouragement email note for FREE in the sample package. If you meet with all your leaders once a month, that’s a third of the year’s training covered for free!

How To Get It
To download the 4 youth leader training sheets and 1 email encouragement note, go to the Youth Leader Training on the Go book and click the gray Download a Sample link.

Today our featured guest is Brandon Riley. He’ll lead us in a discussion about unleashing student artists using photography, video, and art. Listen in and you just might learn some tips to sharpen your artistic skills in these fields, too! See the LIVE YM Talk page for details on how to join the call and/or the live chat at 2:00 PM Eastern time.

Posted on September 24, 2009

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