Freebie Friday 173: “Minute To Win It” youth group games

Free youth ministry resources every FridayTony Mannon tipped me off to this on Facebook and sent me the link. Thanks, Tony!

I haven’t seen the new game show called Minute To Win It, but apparently it’s full of a lot of challenges that must be completed within one minute.

NBC has taken some of those games and posted them online along with a video tutorial, official rules, and list of supplies needed for each game. Most of them make great youth group games! So far there are 63 different games listed on their site.

Check out their site and let us know in the comments which ones you’ll be trying at youth group. Personally, I think I’m gonna go for Bucket Head this week.

Link63 Minute To Win It Games

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Posted on April 15, 2010

  • Yeah, I came across this game show a few weeks ago and I love it. We are going to be using these in our youth ministry as well. One thing I am looking at doing is taking like 10 of the games and creating a leaderboard, where the first student to beat a game in 60 seconds or less wins a prize and get their name up there on the leaderboard with their time. Each week a couple students will have a chance to either beat a game that hasnt been beaten yet, or try and take the spot from a current leader and win a prize. The prizes will be simple like soda, or candy, but its mainly for the competetive aspect.

  • Nathanael

    We did a couple of the games in youth group and the kids loved it, especially the cookie face one and the pedometer and headband one. Lots of other good ones too!

  • Yea, we started doing a "Minute to Win It" segments and our students love it… I went ahead and made a .pdf file of all the games for easy reference… you can download it here if you are interested:

  • We've been using this for about 4 weeks now. We've done three games per night with two people competing in each. Round 1 and 2 winners face off in the final round. Then the following week the reigning champion is a player in Round 1.

    We use through our projector which simulates the 60 second countdown. I've also just used my iphone with the timer set (when it goes off it kills the music).

    We make a big deal out of the reigning champ, (s)he gets a $1 store plastic goblet, that is instantly refillable at any point during the night.

    I'm looking forward to our youth submitting their own ideas and using those.

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  • Carl

    Hey guys!

    Check out Minute to Win it from now on on Tuesdays and new episodes every Wednesday at * o'clock to see who can win it in a minute —– check out the two twins Becky and Jessie O’Donohue as they try win a million dollars tomorrow night.

    Tune in to our new episode Wednesday night in which people compete using only office supplies and get great ideas for office sports and fun in the workplace or your ministry!

  • ashley

    i love the show and the games.

  • Tom Ace

    The Minute to Win It games are sooooo much fun and I heard there is going to be all new games on the new holiday episodes coming up this Tuesday!!!! I cant wait, be sure you dont miss it Dec 7 @ 8p/7c!!!!!

  • I just wanna watch already! There's only a couple days left now! AHHHHHHHHHHH! lol I want the new game ideas to get ready to play with the family over the holidays! Best free home entertainment ever for sure, thanks to the makers!

  • shadoob eyi

    Have you all heard about the new episode of minute to win it? it is a holiday special that you wont want to miss. It comes on at 8/7c on NBC, Dec 7!!!!

    • Brandon

      Walmart now has a Minute to Win It party bucket at some locations. Has stuff you need to play games. Looks pretty cool!

  • andrew shipley

    im a big fan of minute to win it i mostly watch every dayB)

  • Jonny

    Yeah these games are so helpful during our youth exercises! Everyone needs to watch tonight because our favorite girls from Kansas are on the show tonight! NBC! 8/7c…Our girls Michele and Lindsay are gonna do fabulous!!

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  • Cjonesee

    I am responsible for identifying games each week for all the kids in out Discovery Program on Wednesdays. I’ve used several games or ideas from Minute To Win It and it’s also helped me create some of my own unique games. The hard part is the age group is 1st through 6th grades. It’s been a challenge but also very rewarding.

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