Freebie Friday #25: Dare 2 Share freebies

Dare2Share free youth ministry resourcesOverview
This week I wanna give a shout out to my man Greg Stier and his ministry, Dare 2 Share. Some may think that is only a promo for Greg’s student conferences, but it is actually so much more than that. is loaded with so many free youth ministry resources that I can’t even go through them all. Every time I visit their site, there’s more stuff added. They generate material like a factory on steroids! And it’s not like it’s just lots of little articles or something — it’s all solid stuff that I can actually use.

Here’s a summary of what Greg and Dare 2 Share provide for free:

  • Weekly Bible studies for students that address core truths of Christianity. They provide separate discussion guides for parents and youth leaders.
  • Reviews on the latest movies, music and culture trends.
  • Several years worth of daily devotionals.
  • Monthly newsletters for youth workers containing curriculum, outreach meeting plans, and ideas for increasing effectiveness in youth ministry.
  • FAQs about the critical areas of Christianity.
  • Insights on how to witness to friends of other beliefs.
  • Basic Belief Bible study series for new believers.
  • Various DVD discussion guides.
  • According to the site, there’s 968 free resources currently available, but knowing these guys, by the time you read this the number will probably go up. Seriously, this is like the largest goldmine of free youth ministry materials you’ll ever find.


    CONTRIBUTE TO FREEBIE FRIDAY: If you’ve benefited from others who have freely shared their youth ministry resources online, consider giving back to the community by sharing your own materials here. Send me your donations for review and if I publish them in a Freebie Friday, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

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    Posted on June 15, 2007

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  • Greg

    Dude thanks for the awesome shout out on your website. It is very encouraging for us when youth leaders get what we are really going for with this whole Dare2Share thing. It’s so easy to perceive us as just another “I love Jesus how ’bout you” pep rally. But it’s the training attached to the conference and the website that really gets us pumped at D2S. We have kind of morphed over the last few years from a conference ministry that has some pretty cool content to a creative content ministry that has conferences as our largest content channel.

    Our first podcast deals with Colossians 1:24-29 and the very first point is when Paul says that he has become a servant of the church by commission from God. That’s how we all feel at D2S…we are servants to the church. My prayer is that this free content will serve the church as we seek to build Deep and Wide youth ministries (deep in the Word and wide into the community) for the glory of God.

    Thanks again brother. It was a pleasant surprise this morning when I checked out your site.

  • Tim

    No Greg, thank YOU and D2S!

  • bruce jennings

    D2S Rocks Great material and at the Youth Pastors $ ( FREE )

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