How to get an Xbox 360 Elite for free

How to get an Xbox 360 Elite for freeUPDATE: My free Xbox 360 Elite, game of my choice and a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live is here! Check it out!

I’ve been wanting an Xbox 360 for a long time, but no matter how hard I try I know it will never fit into our budget. Of course, it doesn’t help that I watch Halo 3 trailers and read release notes that make my mouth water. It’s really just plain torture. So, I decided to give MacroBucks a try. Basically, you sign up for a service, fulfill a requirement and get a couple other people to do the same thing and they thank you with a free Xbox 360 Elite (the Elite is the latest upgraded version of the typical Xbox 360 Premium).

Normally I’m very skeptical of these kinds of giveaways because there always seems to be a catch hidden in the Terms of Service that makes the whole thing either illegitimate or totally not worth my time, but I’ve seen mentioned on other sites that I trust, I’ve read some positive reviews on blogs, seen lots of forum posts and even read the entire Terms of Service agreement. This is the real deal. All I need are a couple other people who want an Xbox 360 Elite for free, too!

It’s pretty easy to do. It probably takes about 10 minutes to setup. Click on the link below, register, pick an account type (referral is the easiest) and complete just 1 or 2 offers. This is not like other sites where you need to complete one offer on 2 or 3 different pages. And a lot of these offers are free trials with nothing else to buy and no commitments!

There are plenty of cool offers to choose from, such as Blockbuster online,, Netflix and Gamefly, services you might regularly sign up for anyway. I’m doing the 30 day free trial since I’m selling a lot of stuff on ebay and will be mailing it all within the next couple of days anyway. There’s no commitment or obligation, so I’ll cancel the order when I’m done with it. Another good offer is renting DVDs through Blockbuster online (it’ll cost ya $9.95 to try it).

After signing up and completing your one offer, simply refer 8-13 people (depending on the free prize you choose) to do the same under your link. Then they will ship your 360 Elite or your selected item for free.

Step 1: Click on this link: —

Step 2: Sign up and create an account.

Step 3: Complete 1 or 2 trial offers (like Blockbuster or Netflix) to reach 1.0 credit and refer at least 6 people to do the same.

Step 4: Receive your Xbox 360 Elite for FREE!

Here’s a news report and also another one on YouTube that explain how all this works and proves that it is indeed legit.

Anyone wanna help me and work towards their own free Xbox 360 Elite?

Posted on August 30, 2007

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  • Tim I’ll help ya out.

  • Tim

    I don’t care what everyone else says, you da man, Chris!

  • Alright…so what exactly do i need to do to hep you? Honestly Tim…I don’t care about you winning one. I’m in the for selfish reasons. :)

  • Tim

    Just click my referral link in the post, sign up on the site and then complete an offer. Once you complete an offer and your account receives credit for it, you can refer others and get your own Xbox for free, for selfish reasons, of course. ;)

    A little tip: If you click an offer and don’t sign up on that visit, make sure you clear your browser’s cookies before visiting it again from your account. Otherwise it won’t register that you came from and you’ll have to request a manual credit like I did, which takes several weeks.

  • Alright dude, I’m in. Creating my account right now.

  • Joe Insell

    I’m in. This would be an excellent give-away for something. I already have an XBOX 360…or maybe I’ll give-away the old one and keep this one ;-)

  • Tim

    Give away? Joe, you’re a better man than me.

  • Joe Insell

    It would have to be for something pretty amazing. I wouldn’t just give it away as a regular prize….or I could give it away to a local group home or something of the sort! (Foster home, maybe)

  • Joe – I’m not sure I like your sense of humility and servitude. What are you doing? Trying to be Christ-like? Thanks for playing the Holy Spirit.


  • Joe Insell

    See the thing is, I already have one, so that makes it sooo much easier!

  • I just completed it. Would it be wrong for me to add my link to my page?

  • Tim

    Chris, did you complete the offer and get credit for it already? You’re not showing up as “Completed Offer” in my referral list.

  • Joe Insell

    How did you get that graphic showing your progress?

  • Tim

    Click the “My Account” tab at the top of the screen after you log in to Then scroll to the very bottom of the page. You can copy the code there.

  • Tim I did. I don’t know what’s up.

  • Tim

    @ Chris: Does it say you’ve completed the offer and received credit for it? I should get credit for referring you whenever you get credit for completing an offer. If you’ve received the credit for completing it, then yeah, there’s something wrong. You’re using that address, right?

  • hey let me know if you get an xbox and i might give this a try too, although 8-13 people is alot to get, did you get enough yet?

  • Amanda E

    Tim you are such a boy! And probably the biggest geek I know! I just had to add this! LOL! See ya man! Say Hi to Dana for me!
    Oh, and PS, I did look at your Kiosk design, but being at work, I haven’t had time to respond back to you. I’ll tell you what I think on Tuesday!
    Bye bye

  • Would love to do it but it is limited to USA and Canada, so as someone from the UK we can’t do it. Absolutely gutted!

  • Joe Insell

    Tim, the email I used is

  • okegbe

    please i will like to know if i can refer more friends and complete more offers and still receive more than one xbox

  • Tim

    @ okegbe: Nope, the Terms of Service clearly state that only one Xbox is allowed per person and per household. Even if you refer 100 people who complete offers, you and anyone else in your household can still only get one Xbox.

  • okegbe

    i thought after compelting one offer and your xbox has been delivered you can go back and repeat the whole process

  • Tim

    Nope. One Xbox from them for life.

  • r any of u guys scam artists paid to say that? my mom wont let me do this because she is worried that they are some bogus company looking for peoples credit card numbers. i want to, but there are so many reasons why she doesnt believe in this. Help, someone?

  • actually, there is a way to get more than one xbox from them. just copy the process after declining from all the subscriptions, and do it over again :)

  • Tim

    @ r u sure: Yeah, it’s not a scam. There are plenty of people around the Internet who have received their free Xbox. Just check out the links in my post above and even search around yourself a little. Besides, you don’t give them any credit card info anyway, so it’s pretty impossible for them to steal it. They don’t even ask for it. However, you may need a credit card to complete an offer and thus get credit toward your free Xbox, but that’s handled completely by whatever company’s trial your trying out and they’re all reputable, like Blockbuster,, Netflix, etc. But regardless, if your mom is opposed to the idea, then don’t do it no matter how badly you want it. Gotta respect your parents, man.

    @ rumors: There may be a bunch of different ways around the system, but that doesn’t mean they’re legal solutions. The TOS is clear — one xbox per person, per household. Besides, I don’t think your way would work anyway. I can think of about 10 ways you could get caught doing that. The company has other give-aways that work off this same system, so once you have your xbox, just do one of those instead (free PS3, iPod, whatever).

  • kenneth

    help me out know ill help you out

  • Grant

    Tim just got you another referral man, help me out and do a referral for me. You the best.

    I guess if a big group of us all referred one another all of them would get enough referalls. What do you guys think?

  • So when you get this, is it going to be YOURS, or the youth room’s? Or your personal 360 that you let everyone play in the youth room?

    I have a kid that bought Halo 3 last night at midnight. Was planning on playing it until he had to go to school today. But someone bumped the 360 around 2.30am, it fell, and scratched the disc. So it wouldn’t load the maps.


  • Tim

    @ Grant: Thanks, man! Just so ya know, you have to complete an offer first and have your account credited for it before you can get referrals. I don’t have any new referrals who are marked as having completed an offer, so I assume you haven’t yet or your account hasn’t be credited for it yet. Once it’s credited, then you can get referrals.

    @ Blake: Oh, this is definitely for me. However, I often have kids over at my house and we still play my original Xbox together, so I’m sure this thing would get a lot of youth group play time, as well.

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  • Hey Tim,
    did you get this yet ? Im thinking of signing up…
    to help a bro out and
    also I STILL want an ipod. (but im poor)
    and how can i reach you to ask you some questions man?
    Thank you for everything YOU do.

  • Hey, if any of you decide to go for the iPod Touch, you can help me out by signing up under my referral. Tim, if you want, I’ll swap you referrals. I know you already did which is free and so have I, but I’ll do one of the pay offers for you if you do one for me.

  • Tim

    @ TimmyJ: No, I still need 4 more people to sign up with my link and complete offers before I get the Xbox. I’m still patiently waiting.

    @ Chad: Yeah, I might go for the iPod Touch once I have my Xbox in-hand, that or free Xbox games, which only take about 2 referrals each. Right now I just wanna do one at a time, though.

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  • AnakinTyler

    I completed my offer and have got a few ppl to sign up and do it, but I still need a few can someone plz help me also?

    Theres my link someone plz help

  • ok so i have 1 account and i just created it and i am skeptical… but i need 10 refferals if any1 wants to help ill help u just do my refferal then ill make another account for u

  • Ali

    Hey…i signed up for it and did the points accounts…i finsihed all the offers…and am just wating for the account to update…i wish i found this site sooner..cause all you need is 13 people…and we could have had a pact or something…but people don’t believe it until they see it…good luck to you all..

  • AJ

    Hey. Who wants to trade referals for referals? If anyone wants to team up, sounds like a good idea.

  • Hey Tim I did a referral for you… all I ask is that you email me when you have your xbox360 in your hands. I totally want to do this to get an xbox for my youth ministry but I have to make sure it’s totally 100% legit first.

  • Whoa! 12/12!!!! Any updates?

  • Tim

    @ David: I submitted my account for review and approval. That will take 2-4 days. Once approved I can place my order and then it should be about 4 days after that when it shows up in the mail.

  • ali

    This is a floowup….i have recieved my XBOX 360 from trainn within a month…so its legit….if not…you can check out the site it has all the sites..they are also user rater…which is found in the forums section…you can trade ref 4 refs there…and basically anything related to getting things for free.

    Good luck guys.

  • My Xbox 360, Halo 3 and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live shipped today! Woo hoo! I’m going to take down my referral link, but since this page gets a decent amount of traffic from people searching Google for free xboxes, I’m putting up my brother’s referral link instead, just FYI.

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  • UPDATE: My FREE Xbox 360 Elite finally arrived! Check out the details here. Woo hoo!

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  • this is another good site that works

  • @ Robert: Actually, according to the freebie forums I use, is still not proven legitimate. Hope it works out for you, though.

  • @Tim: Freepay is still legit, but b/c of changes in their policies (like the 90 day deadline), slow customer service, and slow shipment times people got annoyed at them. They’re STILL the BIGGEST freebie site ever (probably over $30 million given away now) but their quality as drastically been affected once they had a law suit. It’s a shame to see how they’re now as they are the ones who started this whole thing. However, people seem to say it’s getting better.

  • Oh okay, thanks for the update, Mark. I wasn’t aware of the history there.

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