Designing a vision for your student ministry [podcast]

LIVE Youth Ministry TalkDue to a little miscommunication, the guest for today’s show wasn’t able to make it, so those of us who were on the call decided to go ahead with the topic ourselves. It actually morphed into the topic you see above, which was great. We’ll talk more about it with Todd Perkins when we reschedule him for another time, but will go more with the direction of “communicating the vision to the church and community” since we didn’t discuss that much in last week’s LIVE YM Talk.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • What is a vision?
  • How does it different from mission/purpose/values/goals/etc.?
  • Why is it important?
  • How a vision directs a ministry
  • And a lot more…

You can listen to the whole conversation below or grab it in iTunes.

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Next Monday’s discussion

January 18: We’re working on getting Todd or someone else scheduled for this coming Monday, so keep an eye on the LIVE YM Talk page this week for updates about next week’s conversation.

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Posted on January 11, 2010

  • I just listened to the podcast and really needed to hear this at the start of 2010. After listening to the podcast I have taken a little time to check out the Deep and Wide Youth Ministry approach on your site and on Dare2Share's site. In the podcast you mentioned sharing a vision like this one or any other one with your team and letting them help you tweak it. I believe this should always be the case because every situation is different and we should not just adopt a strategy without first praying and considering the direction God wants to go.

    My question is how much can we tweak something like the Deep and Wide without crossing any lines? I have only had time to skim the material from Greg on the Dare2Share site about his thesis, so maybe he talks about this more. So far, I am seeing that he wants us to use this so that God's Kingdom may be built up. Could we take even this diagram and modify some of the wording or do we need to stick with what he already has in place?

    • Glad you found the discussion helpful! To answer your question, I think you should totally modify it as much as you need to for your ministry. If you don't, you're doing your ministry a diservice. I'm not sure how you could cross any lines by modifying D&W unless, of course, you took the D&W part out of it. :) I say do whatever you need to do for your ministry. Make it your own vision and run with it.

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