Some say it’s OK for girls to go wild

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Is it okay for teen girls to go wild?An interesting article by ABC News that suggests it’s OK for girls to be overly expressive about their sexuality in their early teens. Some quotes that make me raise my eyebrow:

While young women may express their sexuality more overtly than they have in the past, for the most part, their behavior isn’t cause for alarm. It’s a necessary step in growing up.

“There’s a difference between posting a picture of yourself in virtual space, like Myspace or YouTube or Friendster, and posing in provocative clothing in public,” said John Broughton, Columbia University professor of psychology and education.

According to Hancock, by dressing provocatively, dancing seductively and posting salacious photos on social networking sites, young women are trying to accomplish a time-honored goal of adolescence: establishing their independence.

“Putting up pictures of yourself scantily dressed on MySpace is, in a way, kind of a good sign,” he said. “The good news is that it’s somebody who isn’t horrified by their appearance. Also if they get some positive response, that can be very supportive.”

What’s also interesting is that this article reports that teen sex has declined from 49 percent in 1995 to 46 percent in 2002.

Conversely, another article came out last week of a lady telling her story about how pre-marital sex affected her emotionally, especially as she searches for a husband.

Posted on January 21, 2007

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  • I have known some girls who “seem” clueless about the way they dress, not knowing the effects it has on others. I didn’t hear that even the way one dresses has an effect on someone until I was in high school. But for the most part a girl likes to be noticed, and it’s not always because she is confident, instead it’s that she wants to feel loved or needed or wanted.

    If a girl posts a conservative picture of herself on MySpace, does that mean she is ashamed of herself? The guys in my life that I looked up to the most were turned off by girls who showed everything they could get away with and were attracted to a girl who respected her body enough to keep it to herself and save it for marriage.

    I hope parents and leaders instead of freaking out about online communities and behavior of tweens/teens, that they will get to know the students, and get to know the reason behind why they do what they do. And help them understand why they do what they do. Some students don’t even think about their actions, just following what their friends do, or acting on their emotions and not thinking about it.

    It’s the parent’s responsibility to help tweens/teens understand what their bodies are going through during adolescence and teach them how their actions effect the opposite sex and same sex peers. If the parents wont do it, I hope every student has an adult that will stand up and teach them.

  • I think the article is correct in staying that not all kids who dress in a suggestive manner act in that way. But girls that dress in a suggestive manner sure get boys thinking about what they are not wearing.

    We should not jump to judgment about girls character, but lets help them see what they are doing to the guys.

  • CBQ

    I had an interesting discussion with a college student the other day. She had recently read a book that talked about the fact that men are turned on visually, while women are more turned on my emotions, and simple actions. It was a total shock to her that the biggest at least intial turn on for men was what they see.

    I don’t think we always get it. Some times girls wear things because they are in style, and don’t realize the effect that it will have on boys.

    But i disagree that it is ok, and actually healthy for girls to post provacative pictures. Because though the attention they get from that may feel good, it may also be the only affirmation they are getting. Then it can progress into the affirmation of the outside self being more important than the affirmation of the inside self.

  • Tim

    I agree that some girls really have no idea how their dress affects guys. Some really are innocent, but I think they’re mostly in the minority. Some girls dress the way they do because they subconsciously know exactly the affect it has and they unintentionally look for it. Girls are smart — it doesn’t take them long to figure out, “Hey, I get attention when I dress like this.” If they got more attention for walking around in long prairie skirts and big hoodie sweatshirts, I’m guessing they’d start wearing that instead.

  • CBQ

    man, i love prairie skirts and hoodies…

  • I got your attention by wearing overalls! ;)

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