Social media usage in church = higher retention?

Research shows that students who use Twitter in class score higher grades, so should we encourage teens to socially engage with sermons?

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10 tips for youth pastor search committees

Youth pastor search committees are a decent method to finding youth worker, but they often make some common mistakes along the way.

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Numbers matter

Too many youth leaders say that numbers don’t matter, but from God’s perspective, numbers do matter.

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When there’s conflict with your senior pastor

How youth workers should handle conflict with their senior pastor and prevent it in the first place.

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My book starts shipping this Friday!

My book, “Life In Student Ministry: Practical Conversations On Thriving In Youth Ministry,” is now available on Amazon and starts shipping soon!

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Teens think of online video differently than you do

Adults consume content from different sources and for different reasons than teenagers do, especially when it comes to online video.

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Should vision be top-down or grassroots?

Should vision flow from a pastor to the people or flow from a grassroots movement among the congregation? What is our role in vision-casting?

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What is the role of the youth pastor in a church?

Should the youth pastor do youth ministry on behalf of the church, or guide the church to do the work of the ministry?

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