Getting kids to commit to youth group events

Why do teens have such an easy time committing to other things in their life, but not youth group?

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Replacing vs. Partnering with parents

Much of youth ministry replaces parents instead of partnering with them by unintentionally assuming the parents’ role at church.

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How are we the problem in youth ministry?

There’s a lot youth workers don’t like about youth ministry, but how much are we unintentionally contributing to the problems?

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Where youth ministry is going

What’s the future of youth ministry? Where is all this heading? Here are some trends that seem to give some direction.

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5 ways to improve your ministry in 2012

The new year is a natural time to implement changes in our ministry that will help it become more focused and effective in 2012.

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6 ways to integrate teens into your church

We’re becoming more intentional about integrating teens into the life of the body! Here are 6 ideas for how to do it well.

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What’s missing from family-based ministry

I’m a big supporter of the return to family-based ministry, but we’re overlooking the most important element of this approach.

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What would change?

What would change if church leaders operated as those who create space for the faithful in the church to facilitate change?

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4 ways youth workers can increase their income

How we stretched our money and increased our income while serving in ministry.

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