The struggle of being a “professional Christian”

How do you handle the expectation to be spiritually growing all the time as a role models for teenagers?

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Guidelines for youth pastors texting students

What guidelines should a youth pastor follow for texting students in their youth group, especially teenagers of the opposite sex?

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Evaluating your youth ministry’s health

An audio recording of what a healthy youth ministry is and how to evaluate the health of your own youth ministry.

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5 advantages of a small youth group

If you’re a small youth group, rather than trying to act like a large group, embrace the advantages you have by being small and capitalize on them.

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63 youth ministry topics YOU should cover

Take these ideas and run with them. Keep coming back as often as you want to see what topics people are covering and learn from each other.

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A theology of youth rooms and buildings

My ecclesiology compelled me to turn down someone’s vision to build a youth building for our church. Here’s why.

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Turning church consumers into ministry servants

There are both consumers and ministry servants in our churches. We want to help consumers turn into servants, but how?

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10 reasons why you should do lesson prep early

Although we may often put lesson prep off to the last minute, it’s rarely without consequences. Here are 10 reasons why it’s best to prepare early.

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