3 things I want my students to know before they graduate (part 1)

Graduation is coming up soon. What do you want your seniors to know, do or experience before they leave youth group?

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Talking about my struggle with pornography at church

I taught in our church services about the struggle of pornography and lust. Here’s my story.

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Youth Pastor is more than a title

Sometimes we forget that being a pastor is a spiritual gift, not just a title we’re assigned because we work at a church.

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I’m struggling with re-entry into America after being in Haiti

After my recent trip to Haiti, I’m struggling with so many different tensions that I can’t quite put words to yet.

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Video report from Haiti YMATH Missions Trip: Day 1

I’m in Haiti right now, until February 17. Here’s a video of our first update, plus links to more updates.

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I’m going to Haiti in 16 days!

It’s true and I can hardly believe it! I hope I’m prepared to have my worldview shattered by God from what I see and experience in Haiti.

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How mobile location-based games will impact the future of youth ministry

Location-aware mobile games will impact ministry. Here’s what’s ahead for social media and youth workers.

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Next round of youth ministry mentoring starts at SYMC!

We partnered with the SYMC to bring the next round of 10-week one-on-one mentoring to you, face-to-face!

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My interview with the new Youth Specialties Executive Director: Tic Long

I interview Tic Long about his new position at YS and his vision for the future.

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How we used Google Wave at youth group

We used Google Wave to have separate, yet collaborative, guy/girl discussions at youth group in a powerful way.

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