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The Skit Guys stand-up comedy video clips

Man, I really wish I didn’t have to cut this first clip short. Right when this clip ends a lady shares about her unusual profession, which serves as a…

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Distorted perception of beauty

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Stand-up comedy video clips from the NYWC

[tag]Taylor Mason[/tag]

[tag]Thor Ramsey[/tag]

[tag]Ron Pearson[/tag]

[tag]Jared Hall[/tag]

[tag]Rob Stromberg[/tag]
I have several good acts from The…

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Video music clips from the NYWC

Here’s a bunch of video clips of the music at the [tag]National Youth Workers Convention[/tag] all rolled together as one. It includes:
— [tag]David…

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Pictures from the last day of the NYWC

I also have a good amount of video from the convention that I’ll make available online within a day or two, but…

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The conclusion of the NYWC

Wow, what an excellent weekend at the [tag]NYWC[/tag]! Dana and I are both safely home and, although very tired physically, we’re both emotionally…

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The need for solitude in worship

I just got out of Lilly Lewin’s seminar titled, “Creating Sacred Spaces: A practical intro to experiential worship.” Most of the seminar focused…

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Pictures from the third day at the NYWC


Me and Dana with Doug Fields and Josh Griffin

Me and Dana with the Skit Guys

Left: Jars of Clay…

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Still learning at the NYWC

Whew! What another great day! I’m dead tired, but wanna get this posted before it becomes old news.
First I just wanna say that the Skit Guys where…

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Pictures from second day at NYWC Austin

Me and Dana with Marko!

Right: Thor Ramsey, comedian | Left: Ceili Rain Band

The Skit Guys performing

Ron Pearson, stand-up comedian

Shane and Shane…

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