Youth Ministry

Creativity in ministry

Mark Batterson has a great post addressing creativity in ministry leadership and “keeping what is sacred from becomming routine.” Please read and…

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Church worship and icons

A friend of mine posted today some thoughts I’ve also shared and discussed with other ministry friends concerning church worship and icons. I…

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Time invested in ministry is primarily for God

Tonight I was skimming through some material in Doug Field’s book, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, in preparation for my youth leadership training in the…

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I dream of a youth group…

Wow, what a great post by Dan Kimball. I plan to do the same thing with the youth group here at Redeemer. Can’t wait to hear their responses.

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Where REAL ministry takes place

Once again I’m reminded that life-changing ministry isn’t necessarily sitting in a church office planning events and games. It’s not always…

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Ministry is a kingdom mindset

Almost every church I’ve been a part of has kids who attend youth group at other churches. Although some youth pastors take this as a personal offense or…

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Ministry is stressful

Once again, Perry Noble nails the subject of my day on the head:
Whether your pastor will tell you this or not–criticism comes with the territory.
Being a…

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Youth ministry and culture finally meet technology

I remember back in Bible college when several other youth ministry majors and myself sat around in the back of a van discussing the struggle for America’s…

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Youth ministry rant, technology, and United 93

Perry Noble sure had a nice little rant today about churches that don’t properly support their youth ministries. The idea of no fundraising sounds good to…

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An unnecessarily complicated gospel

My interns and I have been discussing the gospel in regards to this question: What is the core of the gospel message? Or, in other words, what is essential for…

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