Youth Ministry

A family-based approach to youth ministry

A trend in youth ministry is moving toward a family-based approach to youth ministry.

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The role of the youth pastor is changing

A trend that seems to be taking place in youth ministry and directing its future is that churches are changing the role of the youth pastor.

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Where youth ministry is going

What’s the future of youth ministry? Where is all this heading? Here are some trends that seem to give some direction.

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Evangelism discussion questions for Nickelback’s...

Download this free small group discussion guide that accompanies Nickelback’s song, “Savin’ Me.”

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5 things I love about the Simply Youth Ministry Conference

There is so much to love about the SYMC! Here are 5 things my wife and I love about the community of youth workers at the conference.

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Dealing with angry parents training guide [Freebie Friday]

Download this free training guide to use for yourself or with your adult youth group leaders about how to deal with angry parents!

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6 ways to integrate teens into your church

We’re becoming more intentional about integrating teens into the life of the body! Here are 6 ideas for how to do it well.

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Approaching God with conditions [Time Out]

What’s holding you back from following the Lord as your first priority? Are you approaching Him with conditions?

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6 things I’ve learned as a volunteer youth worker

I’m learning a lot about youth ministry going from a paid youth pastor to a volunteer youth leader. It’s been a lot of fun!

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