Youth Ministry
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To Game or Not To Game

Some groups use games, other’s don’t. Which is the right way to go in using games at youth group and why?

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Questions I ask when interviewing for a youth ministry position

These are some of the general questions I ask or listen for during my conversations with a youth pastor search committee.

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Don’t miss Dare2Share’s free Evangephobia webinar!

Dare2Share is doing two more Evangephobia webinars this summer! They’re free and are definitely worth your time!

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Why networking is critical and how to do it

Networking with other youth pastors in your community is critical, yet often a low priority. Here’s why it’s important and how to do it.

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What Doug Fields’ move from Simply to YS means for both...

Here’s my take on Doug Fields moving from Simply Youth Ministry to Youth Specialties and what it means for both organizations.

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Growing students into servants

A story of how one youth ministry helped an unsaved student grow as a disciple and start to serve in ministry.

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Do we pursue others for Jesus for selfish reasons?

Maybe we should rethink how and why we pursue people. Lions pursue prey. Athletes pursue trophies. Churches pursue unchurched folks.

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What is a student leader and why do we need them?

What is it called when we help teenagers grow, serve the kingdom and take ownership of their faith? Is that student leadership?

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Seven tips for recruiting volunteers

Youth pastors always need more help. Discuss these 7 tips and advice about how to recruit adult youth leaders.

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