Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry’s plan for the year

The new school year is approaching and our youth ministry is getting our plan of action in place to prepare for what’s ahead in youth group.

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Avoiding youth group game FAILS

Teens talk about youth group games they enjoy and games they think are lame and dumb.

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A prayer team for your ministry this fall

We all know we should have a prayer team for our ministry, but even though we value it we don’t prioritize it and make it a reality.

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Teenagers don’t belong in youth group

A topic for discussion: Teenagers belong in the church, not in a youth group with a “holding tank” mentality.

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Can a graduated student leader still serve?

Is it okay for a student leader to graduate from high school and return to youth group to serve as an adult youth leader?

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When prescriptions make you sick

We buy prescriptions from experts in hopes that it will cure our problems. Does this correlate to ministry?

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The search for appropriate age divisions in youth ministry

Should youth ministry be separated by jr high and sr high or is a different age division better for youth group?

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Are youth group kids committing to Christ or to youth group?

Some youth group kids appear to be very committed to Christ and growing spiritually, but are they actually committed to the youth pastor or to the church?

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Typical youth ministry is crippled

Typical youth ministry allows the church to place inappropriate expectations on youth leaders and leaves everyone feeling frustrated.

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Wow your audience with a killer presentation

Keep your presentations short and use storytelling effectively to wow your audience and leave maximum impact.

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