Pictures from first day at NYWC Austin

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Touching Dan Kimball’s hair!!! Woo hoo! The poor guy only had 2 hours of sleep last night.

Left: Tic Long |…

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A couple minutes before second general session

Thanks to a friend in the church, I have a laptop to borrow for the weekend and, thanks to wi-fi technology, I can update while sitting here waiting for the…

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Possible seminar schedule for the NYWC

Every year I attend the [tag]National Youth Workers Convention[/tag] I have the same problem — trying to figure out which workshops to attend…

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I’m going to the NYWC in Austin!

Wow, God just did a huge thing for my me and my wife!
We’re both big fans of [tag]Youth Specialties[/tag]’ [tag]National Youth Workers…

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Free youth ministry online training lectures

Covenant Seminary posted all their class lectures online in mp3 format to be downloaded free of charge, including their Youth Ministry course. If you’ve…

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Lessons from “The Core” training

Yesterday I attended Youth Specialties’ “The CORE” youth workers seminar with a couple volunteers from Redeemer. We had a good time and came…

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What we learned from the NYWC

I’m finally back in my apartment in Texas and am enjoying the peace and quiet. The flight from PA was also pretty empty so I again had the whole row to…

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Process for initiating leaders into ministry

Well, the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention is over. We’re currently in the rental van making the 10-hour drive back to Dallas. If we…

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Observations about NYWC speakers and participants

Today went much better than yesterday. Even though we only had a couple hours of sleep, that seemed to make a huge difference and allowed us to enjoy the…

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First day of lessons from NYWC

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently running off 3 hours of sleep for the past 40 hours, so I feel I should make that disclaimer before I continue with…

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