Podcast: Academic youth ministry training

Today in our LIVE YM Talk, Matt McAlack, Director of Youth Ministries at Philadelphia Biblical University, talked with us about the academic side of youth…

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Two Youth Ministry Conferences: NYWC vs. NYMC

It’s obviously hard not to compare Group’s National Youth Ministry Conference to Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention, the…

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Freebie Friday #115: Youth ministry training videos from the NYMC 2009

There was a lot of great youth ministry training at the National Youth Ministry Conference last weekend! Some of it came from your’s truly, which is what…

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My newest website! A very social place that revolves around ministry.

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Tips for writing a youth ministry budget

Although most youth ministries don’t really have a budget that requires more than 5 minutes of, “Hmm… should we spend it all on a large pizza…

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Veteran Youth Ministry Advice: It’s a relationship, not a business

The following post is contributed by Brian Ford. Read the entire “Veteran advice for new youth workers” series.
No red flags were waved, no sirens…

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Freebie Friday #91: See You At The Pole training guide

See You At The Pole is coming up this Wednesday for the U.S. and Canada! Bill Allison of Cadre Ministries is giving away a free PDF training guide to help you…

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Freebie Friday #90: Six youth ministry training videos

Last month the youth worker network in my community hosted a training conference for all of our adult youth leaders and anyone else in our surrounding community…

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Get a FREE one-on-one youth ministry mentor!

A FREE youth ministry mentorship program launches for those who have been in youth ministry for 2 years or fewer!

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A youth worker conference in Minnesota for only $10!

Here in Alexandria, Minnesota, I’m part of a network of community youth workers called Allies. Together we planned to pool all our resources and bring all…

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