Podcast: Helping teenagers lead their peers in worship

Yesterday in our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation Russell Martin lead a discussion on worship in youth group. Many issues came up, including youth bands…

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Issues in Youth Ministry: Summary, highlights and discussion

Here’s a summary list of every issue in youth ministry that’s been mentioned by one of the series contributors. Whew! There certainly are a lot of…

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Ten easy steps to guarantee a successful youth ministry

UPDATE: Please read the comments below. This is not a serious post. It’s satirical sarcasm and does not contain a hint of truth. It’s a joke written…

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Preaching this Sunday… what should I do?

Hmm… Our interim pastor just called me and said that the guest speaker for Sunday had to cancel due to some scheduling conflicts and asked if I’d be…

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I fit in the 20-somethings view of spirituality

The Catalyst Blog summarized “Spirituality for 20-somethings” and, being 26 years old myself, it seems to fit me pretty well.

They don’t like…

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Dreaming of success in youth ministry

Off the top of my head, I dream three things for youth ministry:
1. Students who are growing in depth and insight of God’s Word.
2. Students who genuinely…

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The need for solitude in worship

I just got out of Lilly Lewin’s seminar titled, “Creating Sacred Spaces: A practical intro to experiential worship.” Most of the seminar focused…

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Pictures from the third day at the NYWC


Me and Dana with Doug Fields and Josh Griffin

Me and Dana with the Skit Guys

Left: Jars of Clay…

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Rethinking church service effectiveness

It’s obvious that way too many people attend church every Sunday and never connect with a word that’s said. I could walk into an average church on…

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