Two year anniversary of this blog

Two year anniversary of my blogWoah, that came up fast! I just read my one year anniversary post and a lot has changed since then.

Last Year
This time last year I recorded 30,000 visitors for the entire year. Today’s stats show about 16,000 every month, even recently forcing me to upgrade this site to a virtual private server. I also started Freebie Friday this year, ran a huge series on Issues in Youth Ministry, released an ebook and even launched my first podcast, too!

Next Year
As for what the future holds in another year of blogging, I have no idea. I anticipate having a regular podcast that will hopefully become more defined. I’d like to be a catalyst for freely sharing youth ministry resources among youth workers. Maybe another ebook will pop up, too. Who knows.

The top 10 most significant blog entries to me of this year
June 26, 2006: Church worship and icons
July 14, 2006: Growing old with you, Dana
September 12, 2006: Knowing God: relationship, not ritual
September 18, 2006: Short rant on attitudes toward church worship
September 25, 2006: Youth group reflects its church
October 9, 2006: The need for solitude in worship
November 16, 2006: Issues in Youth Ministry: What needs to change?
January 8, 2007: Stepping down from my youth ministry position
March 1, 2007: Why volunteers should always go for free
March 15, 2007: Focus on the kids who ARE there
May 7, 2007: Keeping the vision in sight, literally

Posted on June 21, 2007

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