50 freebies from LeaderTreks bundled together! [Freebie Friday]

Free youth ministry resources every FridayOur Weekly Freebie Friday: #277

I’m a pretty big fan of LeaderTreks and all they’re doing to help youth ministries raise students to be leaders. So when they decide to bundle 50 free youth ministry resources together as a free download, how can I not share that?

I snagged the bundle myself and the breakdown of what they’re including is this:

LeaderTreks freebies

  • 15 activities
  • 5 assessments
  • 5 Bible studies
  • 15 illustrations
  • 10 initatives

To download the bundle, you’ll have to part with some contact information. Unfortunately they don’t say what they’re going to do with that info, but knowing LeaderTreks it won’t be anything bad. They’re seriously nice people over there. :)

LinkGet LeaderTreks’ 50 New YM Freebies!

Posted on April 20, 2012

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