Get a FREE iPhone, HD video camera, Macbook, and more!

UPDATE: I’ve completed all of these free sites, so my referral links are removed. Right now I’m doing the free iPad site. If you want a free iPad, cash, or a $599 Apple gift card, register here at

Look what I got for FREE!

Six months ago I told you all about how I got a free Xbox 360 Elite, iPod Touch and more for free. I try not to blog about this too often because some of you think this is a scam and some of you just get too envious, but for everyone else, twice a year doesn’t feel like too much to keep you updated on the free stuff I earn and information on how you can get these items for free, too.

Since my last post on freebie sites 6 months ago, I’ve earned a free Canon HD video camera, and external microphone for it, and a Macbook for my wife. All for free. Not bad, eh? Here are some proof pictures. (Click an image to see it larger.)

Free Canon HD video cameraFree Canon HD video cameraFree Macbook

How it works

1. Companies (like Blockbuster, for example) are looking for new potential customers to try out their products and services.

2. Blockbuster goes to the Bonus Network and says, “Hey, we’ll give you $80 for every customer you send our way to try out our online DVD rental service.” (Some advertisers pay Bonus Network $80, some pay them $40.)

3. So Bonus Network comes to you and says, “If you try out Blockbuster’s service and refer other people to try it through us, or one of our other advertising partner’s services, we’ll split the $80 with you for each person you recruit.”

4. You try out Blockbuster’s service and get 6 other people to try it, too (or another product/service offered through Bonus Network’s site) by giving your friends and family a special link that Bonus provides for you to share. (Of course, your friends can then get people to sign-up under their special link so they can work toward a free prize, too, but know that the people they refer have no benefit for you.)

5. After your 6 friends try a product or service, Bonus Network says, “Thanks! We’ll give you $240 ($40/referral x 6 referrals) or an iPod Touch. Which do you want?”

6. About a week later, your prize shows up in the mail, or your money shows up in your PayPal account.

Interview with co-owner of the network

Last October I interviewed a co-owner of the Bonus Network, Fehz, about his company and how it all works. Watch it below:

List of sites

*The login you create at one Bonus Network site is valid for all the other sites.

Prizes Sign-up Link 100% Legit
Free iPodiPod Touch, Nano, Classic, Shuffle, cash
Free iPhoneiPhone, Apple gift card, cash
Free WiiWii, Wii Fit, cash
Free Xbox 360Xbox 360, Halo 3 edition, Xbox 360 Elite, cash
Free PlayStation 3PlayStation 3 (40 GB), PlayStation 3 (80 GB), cash
Free MacbookLaptops from Apple, Sony, HP, Dell, more, cash
Free Plasma TVPlasma TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, more, cash

Common excuses

Most people would love to earn some of these free prizes, but there’s three common excuses:

1. It’s a scam!
2. I’ll get hit with a ton of spam mail.
3. Completing offers costs more than the prize itself!
4. I don’t think I can get others to complete referrals for me.

For #1, check out my story above and the links below. I’ve done it several times and received several prizes, so I know it’s not a scam.

Concerning #2, I have not received one single shred of spam as a result of completing these trial offers or freebie sites, not via email nor postal mail. These companies actually have pretty aggressive privacy statements.

Number 3 also is not true. I’ve paid about a total of $100 out-of-pocket for all these free things combined. The most I ever paid for a single offer was $24.98 for a sheet of photo stamps. Most offers cost between absolutely nothing and $15. Some of the services I stuck with past the trial because I really liked what they offered. Some of them I didn’t like and canceled when the trial period was over. There’s no commitment either way, except that you complete the offer and give it a fair chance.

And about #4, check out this post I wrote that gives 10 ideas for how to earn referrals for your freebie site. They work for me, anyway. It may take some patience and persistence to get the first prize (especially if you’re going for a big one), but after it shows up on your doorstep and you have physical proof for the skeptics, all the other prizes flow in pretty easily. In fact, after I got my Xbox 360 Elite, I tried for the 16 GB iPod Touch and it took only 5 days to get all the referrals I needed!

My other prizes

For almost two years now I’ve been getting free stuff from freebie sites online. The list of prizes I’ve received is too long to name each item individually, but here’s a start:

If you have any questions about the process, I’ve done it many many times, so feel free to ask in the comments below. Fehz, a co-owner of the Bonus Network, will also be around this post in case you have any questions for him, too.

Posted on June 22, 2009

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  • hey Tim this is only for US and Canada.

  • PJ Wong

    does it work in Canada?

  • Mark

    @pj wong: Yes, it works in Canada too. I have used the bonus network also and they are legit.

    Congrats Tim on earning so much!

  • Hey, yes we do accept Canadian users as Mark stated! Let me know if anyone has any other questions, i'm here to help!

  • So. at the end of this pyramid, there are dozens or hundreds of people who are unable to find referals and are thus left with money spent and nothing to show for it.


    • Umm, no, not really.

      1. It's not a pyramid. Hence why I said in the post: (Of course, your friends can then get people to sign-up under their special link so they can work toward a free prize, too, but know that the people they refer have no benefit for you.) For example, I refer you to Bonus and earn 1 credit toward my prize, but the people you refer do not benefit me in any way, only you.

      2. Being unable to find referrals seems a bit far-fetched. I strongly doubt that any of us don't know a single person who hasn't tried out Bonus already. I get referrals mostly by talking about it with friends and people I meet when the conversation goes that direction (like, we start talking about iPods or Xboxes or whatever).

      3. The risk of the money you spend is pretty minimal. At the worst, you might be out $15 or so, but that's really up to you. If you wanna give up on it after completing your offer requirements and have nothing to show for it, that's up to you. I didn't give up on it. My first prize, the Xbox 360 Elite, too me a couple months to get enough referrals, but my first iPod Touch took only 5 days after I had physical proof for friends that it was legit.

    • This is not a pyramid scheme – and there is usually “no end” either. Finding referrals is easy – I used to do it myself prior to owning my own (back from 2005-2007) and attained so many free gifts it was awesome! Not many people know about this – and most that do know about it believe it's a scam so they ignore it. There are easily people in the hundreds of millions who have ever even heard of this. So yes, in theory if all of those hundreds of millions of people signed up, there would no longer be anyone till the next generation of kids turned 18. Just kidding about the last part…

      If you need any clarification, i’d be glad to help! Our business is far from a “pyramid scheme” as we are 100% sustainable and have shipped almost $1,000,000 worth of free gifts.

      • BrianG

        It is a pyramid scheme – The basis behind it is that when everyone in the world joins (which will never happen) than the last person/people will not be able to get a prize because they have noone under them. Good thing though is there are many of these out there.

        • Did you read the comments above? It is absolutely not a pyramid scheme. Anyone I sign-up only benefits me, that's it, not the person who referred me and the person who referred them.

          But even if it was a pyramid scheme (which it's not), then I'm fine with that because I've won a lot of really cool stuff through it with very little cost to me (about $100 total is what I've spent on the product trials for about $6,000 worth of stuff I got for free).

  • Alright, so somebody give me a referral link so I can sign up and get them a referral!

    • My referral links are in the post above. :) Check the chart of Bonus Network sites.

  • Got it.

    I think I've given you a new referral.

    Does it work when a new user signs up or when a new user completes an offer?

    • The referral counts when the user completes an offer or two to reach 1 credit. That's when Bonus gets their money from the advertiser so they can split it with the person who referred you.

      Once you've met the offer requirements, you then refer other people the same way I referred you. After a couple people sign-up with your link and complete offers, Bonus splits their commission with you and gives you a free gift.

  • Got it. Wish I new as many people as you. Haha.


    • It's not that I know a lot of people, it's just that I talk about it when iPods, Xboxes or something related comes up in a conversation with someone. When they want to do the freebie site, I just send them here to my blog to use my referral link.

  • 123456789

    would it work in australia

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  • Love this page, is it updated often? Bookmarked :)

  • Waldemar

    Are any of these offers available to south africa?

  • Clarke

    Doed it work in the Pacific? Fiji?

  • oloyede Adetiloye

    Does it work in Nigeria?

  • Brion Spore

    Ok boss, here we go. Giving it a try. Enjoy the point. :) What a great way to get cool prizes to give away!!!

  • bobo the monkey

    Does it work in Albania?

  • Hi Tim,

    This looks really interesting and I'm giving it a shot. I'm a little confused though…so in the offers part do I need to sign up for Blockbusters plan in order to get the points? or do i just keep referring people and then hope they sign up for it?

    Love your site by the way, I'm at a cov church in mpls and enjoy reading your stuff!


  • i really need a laptop in other to enhance my studies .

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  • Luna

    Does it work in South Africa? I tried so many website guys and they all keep promising the same thing but they never deliver. If its not referrals, its my country. Something has to be wrong. Im so sick and tired and im thinking of giving up.. Thing is I need it so much, you have no idea (dont we all?)…. Im actually starting to get offended. :( HELP!!!

  • How do i get a document to my iPad from my laptop? I typed it on the ipad, e-mailed it to myself, put finishing touches on it, and now i want it back again on my ipad but it wont send over mail. So how do i file share it to the iPad?

  • big mos

    i reall need those gadgets, can u pls tell does it works in south africa and how should i want to be part of it

  • big mos

    i am interested

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    • Haahhhaa. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  • learn how to get a free iphone 3gs, directly from

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