Good Charlotte seeking what only God can provide

I love it when God uses unsaved worldly people to unconsciously share His gospel to the world. All people are created by God and thus cannot help but…

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Apartment finalized

I finally got my apartment situation settled today. It’s all gonna work out great, mostly due to an oversight on my part. (And people talk about ignorance…

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Good night at youth group

You know it’s been a good night at youth group when you walk away with a sore throat and wonder why it’s only an hour and a half long. We started…

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Working on upcoming sermon

Most of you guys know I’m preaching on September 4th at church. Pastor Rol will be out of town Labor Day weekend, so I’m gonna “bring…

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“Seven Places” latest album

Ya know when you first listen to a new band’s CD and you’re like, “Ugh, I don’t really like any of this stuff” and you decide not…

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Final apartment decision

Tuesday I went back and visited the apartment complex right next to the church. It’s the nicer one out of my final options, but was unfortunately the most…

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Slow day at work

I’m kinda confused why today is so slow here at Dean’s today. Tomorrow starts their annual Transportation Summit, a big convention of senators…

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My Guild Wars Characters

I know most of you just couldn’t wait to see my Guild Wars characters, huh? Here they are.
Master Berkshire is an Elementalist/Necromancer
Knight of…

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Apartment hunting and more

My free time lately has been taken up with two things: apartment hunting and Guild Wars. The lease at my current apartment is up at the end of this month and…

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Back from the NJ/NY

The trip went well, but wow, I am sooooo tired! I updated our youth group website with pictures and a brief update each day while we were away.
All things…

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