Youth ministry evaluation forms [Freebie Friday]

Download free evaluation forms to use as a sample for your own youth ministry. Includes a form for parents and a form for students.

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Barriers to a healthy youth ministry (part 1 of 3)

What barriers are you facing in youth ministry? What’s holding the youth ministry back that, if you changed it, the ministry would tip toward health?

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Sneaking into Hangover 2

During the Teen Choice Awards kids were thanked for sneaking into an R rated movie, Hangover 2.

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10 annoying ways to use Facebook in youth ministry

Youth pastors usually intend well, but they don’t always have the best communication skills on Facebook. Sometimes they’re downright annoying.

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God embraces you in your discouragement [Time Out]

Discouragement in ministry can keep us from our relationship with God and can causes us to isolate ourselves, but take comfort knowing God embraces you.

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Free LIVE Curriculum Lessons [Freebie Friday]

Download two free LIVE Curriculum lessons, one on leadership and the other on the books of the Bible.

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Our youth ministry’s plan for the year

The new school year is approaching and our youth ministry is getting our plan of action in place to prepare for what’s ahead in youth group.

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Avoiding youth group game FAILS

Teens talk about youth group games they enjoy and games they think are lame and dumb.

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A prayer team for your ministry this fall

We all know we should have a prayer team for our ministry, but even though we value it we don’t prioritize it and make it a reality.

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Pace yourself in ministry to avoid burnout [Time Out]

Most who enter ministry will not retire from ministry. Pace yourself remembering that ministry is about perseverance more than speed.

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