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What seniors need to know about faith in college [Links ‘n Vids]

This week’s youth ministry blogosphere highlights include a good video from Fuller Youth Institute about faith in college.

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5 small group lessons on spiritual disciplines [Freebie Friday]

Download these 5 free small group bible study lessons on spiritual disciplines for your youth group.

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Why your church freaks out over “little things”

When anxiety runs high in a church or in a pastor, people overreact and sabotage themselves and each other.

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To Game or Not To Game

Some groups use games, other’s don’t. Which is the right way to go in using games at youth group and why?

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Questions I ask when interviewing for a youth ministry position

These are some of the general questions I ask or listen for during my conversations with a youth pastor search committee.

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The “Grand Opening” of the LISM store!

The LISM store is open and selling its book for 30% off to celebrate the store’s grand opening! Buy it autographed now!

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Shake ministry like a polaroid picture [Time Out]

We shake Polaroids because we think it helps them develop faster, but it only gives us something to do that feels productive.

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Owl City track and accompanying Bible study [Freebie Friday]

Download the new single from Owl City that’s now free in iTunes and get a free youth group Bible study to go along with it.

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