Deeper Ministries… True Disciples

Are we developing true disciples and deep youth ministries? Here’s one youth worker’s response to that question.

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Why parents outsource their teen’s spiritual formation

Does society outsource academics similarly to spiritual formation?

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Be a blessing to someone [Time Out]

God calls us to be a blessing to others, and even to bring His blessing to those around us.

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My book is in it’s second printing!

After only 5 months, my book is now in it’s second printing! I really did not expect that. Wow. Thank you, everyone!

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Bible lesson and PowerPoint based on “Limitless” [Freebie...

Download this free bible lesson and PowerPoint for youth groups based on the movie, Limitless.

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Barriers to a healthy youth ministry (part 3 of 3)

An analysis of the answers you gave to the questions in part 1 and 2 and how it can give you the freedom to change yourself in ministry.

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Your spin and the twist it creates

Cameron Mitchell bowed out of the Glee Project because of his convictions. Your perspective of his decision may suggest your spin on youth ministry.

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“Black Ops” Them to Christ

Some parents don’t let their teenagers play violent video games, but some youth groups do. Are they appropriate for ministry?

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Barriers to a healthy youth ministry (part 2 of 3)

What question do you have that, if answered, would set you free in youth ministry?

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Sanitizing the Bible and our lives [Time Out]

We like to clean up Bible stories when we tell them to children and then we do the same thing to our prayer life when we confess our sin to the Lord.

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