Postagram for sending youth ministry postcards

Postagram is a creative and fun service for sending postcards to youth group kids and parents from your phone.

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How much time are young people absorbing media?

There are a lot of stats out there about how much time teenagers are spending with online video and media. They’re wrong.

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Are youth group kids committing to Christ or to youth group?

Some youth group kids appear to be very committed to Christ and growing spiritually, but are they actually committed to the youth pastor or to the church?

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Make non-laxative brownies for difficult people [Time Out]

When youth group parents and kids complain and make your life tough, make them a batch of brownies, the non-laxative kind.

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3 devotions on connecting with what God is doing [Freebie Friday]

Download these 3 free youth group devotionals from YM360 about connecting with what God is doing.

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Typical youth ministry is crippled

Typical youth ministry allows the church to place inappropriate expectations on youth leaders and leaves everyone feeling frustrated.

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Putting your senior pastor in his place (part 1)

We need to help our senior pastors find their place in the church.

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Wow your audience with a killer presentation

Keep your presentations short and use storytelling effectively to wow your audience and leave maximum impact.

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Announcing “Group Magazine Live!”

Simply Youth Ministry is announcing their new live show called, Group Magazine Live!

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