This is ridiculous!

Man, it’s the second week of April and it’s snowing again! What’s the deal with this crazy state? Minnesota is definitely not the same as Texas. 8O More sledding coming up!

Posted on April 10, 2007

  • I’ve been ready for spring and summer for weeks now. Here in PA it’s still cold but at least we don’t have the snow.

  • Carol

    It has been a wierd weather weekend everywhere. I live in central Louisiana and we actually had snow and sleet here on the Saturday before Easter. It did not stick but it was amazing to see huge snowflakes falling along with sleet in April.

  • Tim

    We had a tease of spring where it was in the 70s, but that only lasted two days, just enough to melt some of the snow before more came a couple days later anyway.

  • It was snowing in some parts of Texas a few days ago. You know how Texans and snow are though: 1/4 inch of snow = blizzard.

  • Tim I hear ya. It was snowing here in Nebraska on Easter no less. So cold right now.

  • My sis is not too far from you…she is an Oregonian like myself and is a little troubled with Snow in April…

    Good luck…


  • tom

    Yes, I couldnt believe it either we started D-now on Wednesday night with warm weather, On Saturday I planned a mega relay just to wake up to snow flakes and leaders saying its too cold to take students outside, by lunch it was pretty nice. Texas weather, just wait if you dont like it will change!

  • Jarrett

    It was snowing in Allen over easter weekend… APRIL……90 degrees at christmas, snowing at easter! thats Texas for ya!

  • CBQ

    I agree, its stupid. and crazy…but the good news is it is supposed to be in the 40s this weekend…good thing, since i am moving!

  • Ally

    Haha…Snowed here last Saturday morning.

    It was pretty funny. I bet my boss $10 that it would.

    10 minutes later, I won $10. : )

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