Forming ministry out of identity, not function

My church is going through the whole vision casting thing right now. Our current vision is pretty old and no longer reflects who we are. We’ve been…

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How to grow a youth group

1. Be passionate about your own personal relationship with Christ.
2. Develop and train volunteers who are also passionate about their relationship with…

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How do I minister with someone who tears me down?

What advice do you have for this youth worker?
A reader sent me this to me and we dialogged about it over email a couple times, but they would love to have your…

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Developing leaders vs. developing followers

Nigel Coates, a youth worker in Great Britain, posted a great chart comparing leaders that develop followers and leaders that develop leaders. He says this:

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Brainstorming for a Student Leadership Team

There are several students in my new youth ministry who are great leaders and man, I wanna make sure they get all the training and experience they need to serve…

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How I will crash and burn (out) in ministry

I’m going to be honest: every item I list here is based on tendencies I’ve noticed in myself over the past several months. If you’re a regular…

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Handling discipline at youth group

A reader-submitted question: How do you handle discipline?
“I’ll give you some context to that question. I’m 25. I have worked in 3…

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What I learned from interviewing with churches: There’s no vision

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Dealing with the pressures of church leadership

Ally Moody of Gainsville, Texas contacted me by e-mail asking how I deal with the pressures of church leadership. Here’s what works for me:

Spending time…

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Issues in Youth Ministry: Summary, highlights and discussion

Here’s a summary list of every issue in youth ministry that’s been mentioned by one of the series contributors. Whew! There certainly are a lot of…

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