I’m thinking about ending our large-group youth meetings

Last Sunday night at our sr. high large-group meeting I took the teens through Matthew 9 and specifically focused on Jesus’ illustration about old and new…

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My toughest challenges in youth ministry

It’s not a complete list, but here are some biggies for me.
1. The pressure is to perform — have big events, lots of kids involved in activities and…

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Problems with youth ministry today and in the future

[ This post is based on an interview I did last year. ]
These lists could be a lot longer, but here are a couple to get you started. I’d love for you guys…

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What I wish someone told me about youth ministry…

…before I started.
1. It’s very emotional, unlike any other job. You’ll experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.
2. It’s…

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Feeling “called out” of ministry

Last week in a conversation with my mentee, he asked, “How do you know if you’re called to ministry?” If we’re all honest, there have…

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#1 ingredient to building relationships with teens

Last week I wrote a guest blog post for on their weekly topic of building relationships with teens. I decided to take a bit of a different…

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Youth Leadership 101: Questions to ask a new youth leader

It’s a good idea to interview every new youth leader before unleashing them to be a spiritual role model for the teens. If you’re the paid youth…

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Youth Leadership 101: What students need from youth leaders

Changing the world happens one student at a time, not in bulk at big events because students do not connect to programs, they connect to people. The most…

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Youth Leadership 101: Boundaries and lifestyle issues for youth leaders

Boundaries are so critical to the health of any youth leader. We could talk about the need to say “no” and protect personal and family time. We…

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