Personal Reflection

I almost forgot to pray

The first Sunday of every month the youth pastors in our town (collectively called “Allies”) put on an event called Burning Bush. It’s a time…

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Random personal updates

September was mine and Dana’s first month living on a written budget. We’re following Dave Ramsey’s financial plan to eliminate debt and save…

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Sundays drain me

I dunno what it is about Sundays, but they leave me totally wiped out on Mondays. Maybe it’s because Sundays keep me running around all day long. Maybe…

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I’m running on a treadmill that moves faster than I can run

Can I be honest for a second? (Of course I can, it’s my blog.) My church launches all our fall ministry programs this Sunday morning and I still…

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My wedding video

For our one year wedding anniversary, I made a nice DVD of our wedding for my wife. A guy from my father-in-law’s church who shoots and edits TV…

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Podcast: One year wedding anniversary

This Sunday is my one year wedding anniversary! In this podcast I quickly recap our past year, ministry together, a conversation I could’ve had before…

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Home from vacation, pictures posted

Dana and I are home from vacation and ready to get back into a routine. It was nice to visit her family and old friends of ours in Texas, but it’s also…

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My evangelism stinks

I read Ezekiel 33 this morning and was pretty convicted:
Once again a message came to me from the Lord: “Son of man, give your people this message:…

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First time to water ski on our lake

One of the cool things about the lake house we’re renting is that half of the other houses on our lake are owned by people in our church. Dana and I…

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Ezra’s “Doh!” moment

Last week I was reading from Ezra. Chapter 8, verse 22 made me chuckle because it sounds just like something I would do. It says this:
And there by the Ahava…

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