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Day 2: Report from Haiti YMATH Missions Trip

Unfortunately, the bandwidth here isn’t allowing me to post my daily video blogs right now, so I’m going to have to add those later. Sorry. I was…

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Video report from Haiti YMATH Missions Trip: Day 1

I’m in Haiti right now, until February 17. Here’s a video of our first update, plus links to more updates.

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A note that reminds me, “Youth ministry is worth it.”

Last weekend I received this Facebook message from a girl I haven’t been in touch with for about a decade. For the sake of her privacy, I edited out some…

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All the emotions surrounding my trip to Haiti

[ Catch up with previous posts about my trip to Haiti ]
Wow. I leave for Haiti in only one and a half weeks! And I’m starting to freak out a bit!
As the…

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I’m going to Haiti in 16 days!

It’s true and I can hardly believe it! I hope I’m prepared to have my worldview shattered by God from what I see and experience in Haiti.

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Some things I’ve been thinking about lately (rants)

Bare with me as I unload a mind dump of stuff that’s been running through my head lately. If you have any thoughts on these items, please feel free to…

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How to beat an addiction to porn before it’s too late

I deal with visual pressures of porn just like every other male in our society, so I’ve set up some roadblocks…

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I’m a daddy! Welcome Hannah Love Schmoyer

It’s true! Hard to believe, but my wife gave birth to our first child, Hannah Love Schmoyer, at 4:44 a.m. last Saturday morning, August 8, 2009! After…

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The daily cycle of my summer so far

A couple weeks ago my buddy, Tony Myles, asked me to write up a description of my daily routine — my “daily grind,” if you will — as an…

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Slowing down my blogging pace for a couple weeks

I usually publish something every day except Sundays here at Life In Student Ministry, but over the next couple weeks I need to slow that down considerably…

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