Personal Reflection

My “self-appraisal evaluation assesment”

Next week my church does their annual “employee self-appraisal and job assessments.” Even though I’ve only been here a little over two months…

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This is ridiculous!

Man, it’s the second week of April and it’s snowing again! What’s the deal with this crazy state? Minnesota is definitely not the same as…

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We are officially welcomed into our new church

Last Sunday night our new church held a welcome party for me and Dana. The full photo album of this event can be seen here, but here are a couple pictures to…

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Settling into Minnesota

After driving about 1,200 miles in a bumpy annoying-to-drive U-Haul truck, Dana and I have finally arrived here in Minnesota. Here’s the chain of…

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And away we go!

After church this Sunday, my wife and I are traveling to our new church in Minnesota. We’ll be on the road for a couple days, me driving the U-Haul and…

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House hunt in Minnesota: Mission complete!

Dana and I just arrived home from spending a couple days in Minnesota searching for a house. It’s hard to believe the move is less than two weeks away…

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Why do I limit what God wants to do through me?

Yesterday I was reading through Ephesians with one of my youth workers and 1:19-20 and 3:20-21 really convicted me in a way it hasn’t before.

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So many transitions in my life during 2006

The year 2006 was probably the craziest year of my life, full of major transitions that have been pretty emotionally taxing.

December 2005: Dana and I started…

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Stepping down from my youth ministry position

My time in the Dallas area has come to an end. Dana and I have enjoyed our time here and will miss all our dear friends, our church and the students we’ve…

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Heartfelt words of affirmation for my Dad

This Christmas my mom asked that my brothers, sisters and me write a list of affirmations about my dad for her to compile together for him in a book. Since…

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