Personal Reflection

My weekend: Jr. high retreat and annual youth ministry info meeting

Jr. High Retreat
Whew! Had a crazy weekend! Thursday through Saturday I was on a jr. high retreat to Minneapolis (called MUUUCE) with a bunch of our jr. high…

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What I appreciate about my Sr. Pastor

Although I’ve only been in my current ministry position for a little over a year and a half, I’ve grown to appreciate several things about my Sr…

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What I appreciate about my wife

Last week Dana and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary! We were on vacation at a resort in Oklahoma with her family, but after a day on her…

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Mistakes I made on our summer missions trip

Last week we returned home from our youth group missions trip to Belize. I made a couple big mistakes on the trip.

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Dear Wormwood

Dear Wormwood,
As you know, Tim is very susceptible to sin. To attack certain areas would be a waste of time, but other areas have been a struggle in his life…

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Spiritual Growth: shifting my approach to youth ministry

Kids come because they want to be deeply challenged in their faith…

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Uh-oh, I’m slipping back into office work

Over the past couple months I got used to leaving my church office every afternoon to head up to the high school and help coach the wrestling team. I loved it…

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The story of how I got involved in youth ministry

Earlier this week I was interviewed by a student who is working on a Boy Scout project. His questions were about how I ended up in ministry. Later I realized I…

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What I learned about ministry in 2007

1. When leaving a youth ministry position, make it quick. At least for my position, a 6 week notice was too long. Four weeks would’ve probably been about…

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Don’t focus on your weakness

People say that you need to focus on your weaknesses so you can develop them to be stronger. I disagree. Don’t focus on your weaknesses; focus on your…

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