Free iPod Touch, iPhone, Xbox 360, cash and more: How to get it all for...

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted about this and, since Life In Student Ministry has hundreds of new readers since then, I wanted to share…

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Using video to communicate youth group news (2 of 2)

In case you missed it, see Part 1 here about benefits of using video for youth group announcements and how to utilize it to it’s full potential.
Here are…

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Using video to communicate youth group news (1 of 2)

Online video is growing like crazy. Here’s how you can use it to communicate with your youth group.

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Podcast: Using media in teaching students

Yesterday in our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation 16-year-old Michael Rothermel talked with us about how to use media to teach and communicate with his peers…

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Get a ministry website for your youth group or church

My dream for providing content and online community for youth workers is growing like crazy! It honestly is gets a bit frustrating to have all these ideas from…

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YouthBytes: A solid video curriculum for youth group

When I first heard about I thought, “Oh no, not another video curriculum of shallow content and lame production. The youth ministry video…

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Q&A: Following-up with absent youth group students

Sorry guys, still playing catch-up on Q&A topics you’ve submitted, but I love the questions, so keep ’em coming!
Shelby Craig asked me this…

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Beginning to videoblog again

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How to keep parents updated on youth trips (the fun way!)

The typical way of keeping parents up-to-date while on a youth trip is to call home when something bad happens. “Sorry, Mrs. Johnson. Your son has mashed…

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Why I make youth ministry resources available for free

It seems odd to me that I find myself more and more having to defend why I give away all the youth ministry resources and services on this site for free…

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