Site updates

I’ve been working hard to make the back-end of my blog site work much more efficiently for me. Along the way I added some new features for you guys…

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Recent blog inactivity

Sorry for not updating this past week. I’ll try not to be such a sloth when it comes to this. :) It’s just been a busy this week and I haven’t…

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Cyber security quiz

Since October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I took the “Stay Safe Online” quiz on the National Cyber Security Alliance Web site. My…

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Kids makes me laugh

Read this article! A punk teenager is sentenced for hacking T-Mobile’s website and “social engineering” his way to obtain Paris…

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My Guild Wars Characters

I know most of you just couldn’t wait to see my Guild Wars characters, huh? Here they are.
Master Berkshire is an Elementalist/Necromancer
Knight of…

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Hello world!

Funny, I didn’t feel like playing Guild Wars tonight, so I made myself another website. :) It’ll mostly just be a blog for myself, but photo…

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