Rules for fighting

In youth group the past two Sundays we’ve have fun talking about how to deal with conflict at home (improv drama is so much fun with this). Conflict is…

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Site updates

I’ve been working hard to make the back-end of my blog site work much more efficiently for me. Along the way I added some new features for you guys…

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Recent blog inactivity

Sorry for not updating this past week. I’ll try not to be such a sloth when it comes to this. :) It’s just been a busy this week and I haven’t…

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Cyber security quiz

Since October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I took the “Stay Safe Online” quiz on the National Cyber Security Alliance Web site. My…

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Kids makes me laugh

Read this article! A punk teenager is sentenced for hacking T-Mobile’s website and “social engineering” his way to obtain Paris…

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My Guild Wars Characters

I know most of you just couldn’t wait to see my Guild Wars characters, huh? Here they are.
Master Berkshire is an Elementalist/Necromancer
Knight of…

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Hello world!

Funny, I didn’t feel like playing Guild Wars tonight, so I made myself another website. :) It’ll mostly just be a blog for myself, but photo…

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