Ideas for using txt messaging in youth ministry

Cutting-edge ideas and services for using txt messaging in youth ministry.

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Skypecasts switching to Talkshoe: user-friendly and telephone access

This Friday we’re scheduled to resume our weekly Skypecast conversation at 2:00 PM EST, but due to all the technical difficulties I’ve decided to…

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Win a FREE 1-year subscription to! gave me a one-year free subscription to give away to a Life In Student Ministry reader, a $99 value! They’ve been a huge part of my…

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Where I connect with other youth workers online

I love interacting with youth workers online! I’m often challenged with new perspectives, the stories of how God’s working through other people…

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I’m giving away 5 Unlimited Passes for

I’m very excited about what Life In Student Ministry has become over the past two years. I certainly did not originally intend for this site to grow into…

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New! Life In Student Ministry Mac dashboard widget

If you’re a Mac user and are looking for a new easy way to subscribe to the content here at Life In Student Ministry, check out this new Mac dashboard…

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Animoto: Great website for creating video slideshows!

Chris Szulwach recommended a great website to me (via Twitter) for making video slideshows from pictures. At first I thought it would be just another iPhoto…

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Upcoming Skypecast schedule

Our weekly Life In Student Ministry Skypecasts are quickly becoming a highlight of my week. I love connecting with you all LIVE online to discuss issues, ideas…

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Get a FREE 3G iPhone or iPod Touch

By now you’ve probably heard all the sweet features coming out on the new iPhone 2.0 in July. It’s enough to make anyone drool! Fortunately, the…

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Youth ministry news and links to check out: 6-11-08

Flexible in Ministry
Good tips for getting outside of your youth group. I’m looking forward to teaching some adult classes at my church for some of these…

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