Get a FREE $1,788 website for your ministry this fall!

Get a free website for your ministry, church, or youth group using’s intuitive website creation system.

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Free resources and lesson prep tools at

Check out this new site dedicated to providing ministry resources and lesson prep tools for pastors.

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Postagram for sending youth ministry postcards

Postagram is a creative and fun service for sending postcards to youth group kids and parents from your phone.

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How much time are young people absorbing media?

There are a lot of stats out there about how much time teenagers are spending with online video and media. They’re wrong.

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Announcing “Group Magazine Live!”

Simply Youth Ministry is announcing their new live show called, Group Magazine Live!

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The “Grand Opening” of the LISM store!

The LISM store is open and selling its book for 30% off to celebrate the store’s grand opening! Buy it autographed now!

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Great deals on 300+ resources for 40 hours!

Simply Youth Ministry is running their annual 40/40/40 sale for the next 40 hours! Get 300+ items extremely discounted!

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SYM Tools helps you get organized in youth ministry

SYM Tools is a brand new resource that helps youth workers get organized and communicate well!

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I am for hire for social media and YM consulting!

If you’re looking for a consultant to help your organization or business with social media and web strategies, consider hiring me!

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Excited to introduce new LISM authors!

We’re adding a couple new writers to the writing team here who will contribute to helping facilitate “conversations among youth workers!”

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