How to spread your ideas

A lot of people have great ideas and insights, but how do you share them? How do they spread? Here’s some principles I’ve learned.

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Pastors Kids, parenting, and growing up in ministry

My wife and I grew up as pastors kids. Now we’re parenting our own kids through ministry and blogging about it at

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Using to track ministry receipts

No youth worker enjoys keeping track of ministry receipts and expenses, but Expensify can help take the pain out of those expense reports.

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10 tips for shooting youth group video announcements

Here are 10 tips for youth workers who want to communicate their youth group news via video announcements.

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A ministry resume that gets noticed

If you’re looking for a ministry position, here are some considerations as well as tips for how to get your ministry resume noticed.

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I’m liveblogging from the D6 Conference next week!

Next week I’m liveblogging from the D6 Conference. Follow me to watch my notes from seminars, videos, interviews, and more.

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My book is in it’s second printing!

After only 5 months, my book is now in it’s second printing! I really did not expect that. Wow. Thank you, everyone!

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10 annoying ways to use Facebook in youth ministry

Youth pastors usually intend well, but they don’t always have the best communication skills on Facebook. Sometimes they’re downright annoying.

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I’m launching today!

A new site dedicated to marriage, parenting and life as a ministry family.

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LIVE discussion about sexual sin with Group Magazine

Join Group Magazine LIVE this Thursday for a discussion about sexual sin and youth ministry with Simply Youth Ministry.

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