Time Out

Silence [Time Out]

Sometimes, we just need time in silence, not more activity…

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I Know Everything [Time Out]

I think of the story of Jonah as the angry and bitter man. We get like that with God too. We get unhappy and are convinced we know better.

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Let’s Make a Deal [Time Out]

Even those of us who’ve been Christians for a long time can slip back to negotiating with God, even those his forgiveness is full…

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Why I Gave Someone a Murder Weapon [Time Out]

We pass by a lot of people stuck on the side of the road, and we probably think little of stopping by to help. Or pass by a homeless person, single mom, elderly, etc. We all know that serving others is something God calls us to do. Even more than that, he’s called us to have a passion for doing good works.

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Jesus as a Spiritual Mr. T [Time Out]

Often we look at Jesus as a spiritual Mr. T. He’s the guy standing at the gate of heaven, acting like a bouncer, pitying the unbelieving fool, and keeping out the ones who don’t belong. Maybe our view needs to be a little different

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When Life Hits Hard [Time Out]

In student ministry, there will certainly be times where we’re not treated like we’d like. What comes out when those circumstances come in?

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Do We Truly Understand [Time Out]

I find it vital to my mission, 1st as a Christian, 2nd as a husband and 3rd as a pastor, to constantly remind myself about who I truly am in light of who God is and what he accomplished for me.

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Quit Trying to Be Wise [Time Out]

We look at these gifted people and try to emulate them. t’s as if we have to be a superhero to be successful in ministry. That’s why I love what Paul says:

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Changing the World Through Unity [Time Out]

The unity that Jesus talks about is a miraculous kind of unity. How is the transforming love of God displayed in our relationships?

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Drop Your Numbers By 99% [Time Out]

We often worry about numbers in ministry, but what if we dropped our numbers by 99% of our attendance? What could we do then?

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