Time Out

You missed the rapture! [Time Out]

Jesus was supposed to come back, so now what? Here are some questions to reflect on for this Monday.

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The original annoying youth group parent [Time Out]

Why do some youth group parents ask us to do things we shouldn’t have to do? Looks like Jesus experienced the same thing.

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Jump In! Take action! Act on your faith! [Time Out]

A lot of times, we give up before the hard stuff even starts. We spend way too much time preparing – beyond what is reasonable or necessary.

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Evaluating our worth by our gifts [Time Out]

It’s easy for us, especially for men, to evaluate ourselves by what we do instead of who we are.

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Martyrdom youth workers [Time Out]

Often youth workers suffer for Jesus in youth ministry because they feel it comes along with the territory of church ministry.

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My Number One Goal [Time Out]

Putting up walls, playing it safe, keeping others and God at a safe distance – these are easy and come naturally to us.

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You’re Just Not That Important [Time Out]

We need to realize that other people can do things, too, probably better than us most times. We have to learn our limits.

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Clay Jars and Youth Ministry [Time Out]

We often lament suffering in ministry and avoid difficulties, but Paul talked about how these things strengthened both him and his ministry.

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Do Something [Time Out]

What have you done to also be an active participant in helping? Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we think about and don’t act.

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Getting Farther By Getting Closer [Time Out]

As I have grown spiritually over the years and my awareness of Who and What God really is has matured’ Instead of feeling like I am closer to the goal of Christlikeness I feel like I am further and further away. I see more and more areas in my life that just don’t measure up to His perfection.

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