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The Youth Pastor’s Non-Dilemma [Time Out]

While we may not have the exact dilemma of the rich man, there are other things that keep us distant from the Kingdom…usually masked in our identity.

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Life Lessons 1: God Doesn’t Need Me [Time Out]

The older I get, the more clearly I see that I have nothing to offer God. It’s not a teamwork operation, it’s all His grace and mercy.

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My Breakfast Is Cooler Than My Son’s [Time Out]

We’re usually happy with what we have…that is until we see something we like better. Our source of contentment, however, needs to shift.

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I Need to Be 5 Again [Time Out]

Sometimes I not only ignore searching out these good things to do, but also ignore the opportunities as they come. My five year old does these things, I miss it. Sure, he doesn’t get it all the time, but when he does, it sure is convicting.

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Now [Time Out]

Rather than living in our past or so focused on the future, we need to make sure that we’re living in the now.

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Good News Is for EVERYONE [Time Out]

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that we don’t always act like the Good News is for everyone. We may not intentionally try to keep anyone out of our church….

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The Good News About the Good News [Time Out]

And here’s more good news about the Good News: it’s not just something we will experience one day, far off in the distance when we are finally with God for eternity. It’s something that can be experienced right now, through a transformed life.

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Bringing the Good News [Time Out]

We have been entrusted with much more than bags of gold: as followers of Jesus, God expects us to tell everyone we can about the saving love of our Savior.

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Good News for Everyone! [Time Out]

This revelation the shepherds received was truly revolutionary. Jewish people developed a belief that God’s favor was something they had to earn.

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First Things First [Time Out]

Today, we’re just going to focus on one verse, and I’m going to try not to elaborate or lead in any specific direction.

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