Time Out

Aiding the adversaries in your church [Time Out]

We have people in our church that make our life difficult. It’s easy to ignore, marginalize or treat them as the enemy.

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The secret behind building your ministry [Time Out]

Kids like to wrestle their dads and think they can actually knock them over, so we probably feel about building our ministry. It’s really God working with us.

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Never say, “I’m sorry,” in ministry [Time Out]

Someone said to never say, “I’m sorry,” in ministry because it’s admitting that you’re wrong. That’s terrible advice.

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I need other Christians [Time Out]

When serving the Lord in ministry, relationships are critical to sustain us.

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Responding when trust is lost in ministry [Time Out]

When there’s conflict between staff members or people you serve, how should you respond?

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Let’s make sure the Joneses are okay [Time Out]

Instead of comparing ourselves to others in ministry, let’s reach out to those in youth ministry around us and make sure they’re okay.

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Ministry people-pleaser vs God pleaser [Time Out]

With so many people involved in ministry, it’s easy to serve to please others and shift our focus on serving God to a lesser priority without realizing it.

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Study scripture for depth, not speed [Time Out]

Do you study scripture to put your time in and get through the text, or do you read it to learn, to grow, be challenged and go deep?

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This hurricane makes me evaluate my perspective [Time Out]

I do a lot of reflection in the middle of a hurricane like this. It makes me evaluate my perspective and be thankful for many things.

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Be a blessing to someone [Time Out]

God calls us to be a blessing to others, and even to bring His blessing to those around us.

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