Time Out

Sanitizing the Bible and our lives [Time Out]

We like to clean up Bible stories when we tell them to children and then we do the same thing to our prayer life when we confess our sin to the Lord.

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God embraces you in your discouragement [Time Out]

Discouragement in ministry can keep us from our relationship with God and can causes us to isolate ourselves, but take comfort knowing God embraces you.

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Pace yourself in ministry to avoid burnout [Time Out]

Most who enter ministry will not retire from ministry. Pace yourself remembering that ministry is about perseverance more than speed.

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Waiting on God like His waiter [Time Out]

A different look at Isaiah 40:31 turns a passive “wait on the Lord” to something very active.

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Students are not my first ministry [Time Out]

Teenagers and youth ministry can require a lot of time, attention and energy, but our families are our first priority in ministry.

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Make non-laxative brownies for difficult people [Time Out]

When youth group parents and kids complain and make your life tough, make them a batch of brownies, the non-laxative kind.

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Shake ministry like a polaroid picture [Time Out]

We shake Polaroids because we think it helps them develop faster, but it only gives us something to do that feels productive.

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Feeling overwhelmed in youth ministry [Time Out]

Youth ministry can feel overwhelming at times, but let’s remember Paul’s example and be encouraged.

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Pride is the root of all sin [Time Out]

Pride is at the root of all sin. Self-centeredness is the opposite of God-centeredness.

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Spiritual “Memorial Days” [Time Out]

Memorial Day in the USA is where we remember soldiers. Scripture sets up things like communion to help us remember things, too.

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