You need to make more money as a youth worker

Many youth workers are underpaid, but the issue of how much money they make is twofold. The responsibility lies both on the church and the youth worker.

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I’m going back into church ministry!

After years of serving in ministry on a personal level and serving the church on a national level, I’m taking a more formalized role at Red Door Church!

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5 things every youth leader needs from the youth pastor

Every youth leader needs certain things from the youth pastor in order to succeed and do well in their youth ministry to teenagers.

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23 Days of Advent Devotions for Free

Download these daily Advent Devotions to use freely with your family or in your church’s youth ministry leading up to Christmas Day.

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What is the goal of biblical teaching?

Biblical teaching often has a goal, but we don’t always know what that goal is. Is it designed to increase our knowledge or to increase our belief?

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Starting a youth ministry network in Cincinnati!

If you’re a youth worker in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, we’d love to invite you to join us for a little youth ministry network lunch!

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