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“I dream of a church…” vision casting kick-off meeting...

Download this fmeeting outline for kicking off your vision casting meeting to determine the ministry’s direction.

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5 free downloads for a youth group games iPhone app [Freebie Friday]

Download this iPhone app listing youth group games, ideas, instructions, and filtering options to get the perfect game on-the-go.

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A free 4-week youth group series for jr. high [Freebie Friday]

Download this free youth group lesson series! It’s a 4-week series that teaches how the story of our lives integrate with God’s story.

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Please pray for Schmoyer baby #3 on the way!

Our third child is on the way and, because of our recent miscarriage, we’d really appreciate everyone covering this baby in prayer.

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Is Jesus too familiar to us and our students? [Time Out]

Our goal is to have a relationship with Jesus and get to know him well. What happens when we know him too well?

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Exchange youth ministry resources with other youth workers [Freebie...

Download 3,000+ free youth ministry resources that were developed, written, and submitted by other youth leaders and youth pastors.

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Putting the blame on others… or ourselves [Time Out]

Many times when something goes wrong, we think about where the blame needs to go. Maybe that needs to start with us.

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Free youth group lesson for the 4th of July [Freebie Friday]

Download this lesson from LeaderTreks about freedom in Christ. Great for the 4th of July youth group event or Bible study!

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