Stop reading this, get up, and leave [Time Out]

Remove all the distractions from around you and find a place to spend 10 minutes in prayer.

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Two lessons on bullying and justice with videos! [Freebie Friday]

These two youth group lessons and videos help your teens stand for justice by standing up to bullying!

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Dress standards in summer youth ministry [guest post]

Most youth pastors set a standard for modesty in their youth groups, but how do you enforce it and teach modesty to teenagers?

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Praying the impossible for Stevie Wonder [Time Out]

A little boy can pray for Stevie Wonder’s eyes to be healed because he believes God can do it. Do we believe God answers our prayers?

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10 exit interview questions for graduating seniors [Freebie Friday]

When seniors graduate high school and leave the youth ministry, interview them about their experience in youth group as an exist interview.

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Responding to a student’s inappropriate Facebook post [Guest Post]

Teenagers sometimes post things on Facebook and Twitter that are inappropriate. How can we best respond to those posts?

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Asking for contact info impacts first-time church visitors [bonus]

Most churches ask first-time visitors for their contact info, but how they ask and why can make a positive or negative first impression.

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Free video youth group lesson series this summer [Freebie Friday]

This summer several youth ministries are teaming up to offer a free video youth group lesson series that’s centered around the gospel.

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The stories you tell impact first-time visitors [3 of 3]

The stories we tell in church are often geared toward congregation members and leave visitors feeling like they’re on the outside.

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