6 questions every pastor must ask about their family

As a pastor, it’s difficult to balance family and ministry, but is balance actually the goal? These 6 questions can help you evaluate what’s important.

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Free family ministry videos and mp3s from D6 Conference

For this weekend only, the D6 Conference guys are giving away free videos and mp3 downloads from family ministry thought leaders. Check it out!

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What do you deeply believe about family?

What we deeply believe about family and the church will influence how we do youth ministry. Here’s one example.

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An idea for making parents the spiritual leaders of the home

Here’s a great, practical idea for how a youth ministry can make parents the primary spiritual leader for their home for their teenagers and children.

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Welcome my new little daughter to the world!

Welcome our new little girl into the world, Halle Journey! This is what her name means and the identity we hope it projects on to her as she grows up.

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You’re not actually passionate about youth ministry

As youth workers, we say we’re passionate about youth ministry, but what if ministry is actually just how we express a deeper passion for something else?

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$97 for $1,000+ worth of Youth Ministry Resources

Starting this Friday, will be running a Group-like sale of over $1,500 worth of youth ministry resources for only $97!

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Why (and how) to supplement your ministry salary

Diversifying your salary with other income can be a lifesaver and help provide more freedom in your ministry. Here’s how to get started.

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