The Afterthought: Junior High Ministry [Guest Post]

Junior high ministry is sometimes overlooked for high school ministry, but junior high youth ministry is critical for teens growing up in the faith.

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What did you do wrong? [Time Out]

We all do things wrong in life and ministry and then point the finger at others, just like Adam and Eve did.

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Leadership style assessment tool [Freebie Friday]

Use this free leadership assessment tool to learn about your leadership style and the implications it holds for your ministry.

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Replacing vs. Partnering with parents

Much of youth ministry replaces parents instead of partnering with them by unintentionally assuming the parents’ role at church.

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Free Easter Bible study lesson [Freebie Friday]

Download this free Easter bible study to use with your youth group or small group. It traces God’s love through creation to resurrection.

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Using Facebook ads to connect with your community

Facebook ads can be an effective way for your church or ministry to reach and connect with people in your community.

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How are we the problem in youth ministry?

There’s a lot youth workers don’t like about youth ministry, but how much are we unintentionally contributing to the problems?

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Applying even Leviticus to your walk with Christ [Time Out]

A lot of Christians try to read through the Bible but get stuck in the book of Leviticus and don’t know how it applies to our life. Does it?

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KONY 2012 talksheet [Freebie Friday]

The KONY 2012 video has gone super-viral and launches several topics we could discuss at youth group.

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