Personal Reflection

One month after being fired

Here is some of what I’m feeling, learning, and experiencing this month since being fired as a youth pastor.

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I was fired last Monday afternoon

I wish that title was there for shock-value only, but unfortunately it’s not. I was fired and need prayer to discern what’s next.

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Feeling convicted about how I use my time

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I know what it feels like to get the “left-over” time from ministry. I may be repeating that lately with my family.

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Round 2: Vote for the LISM book cover

You gave great suggestions for the LISM book cover last month. Now vote for one of these designs!

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Welcome my new son, Ezekiel Ryan, to the world!

This past Thursday at 12:02am my wife gave birth to our little boy, Ezekiel Ryan Schmoyer!

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Vote on the cover design for my new book

Vote for the cover design of my new book that comes out from Youth Specialties/Zondervan in February!

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When I’m spiritually dry and dull

It’s often difficult to thrive spiritually when serving in ministry. Here are 5 things that help me grow when I’m spiritually dry and dull.

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The struggle of being a “professional Christian”

How do you handle the expectation to be spiritually growing all the time as a role models for teenagers?

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The power of identity and focus in ministry

Know what your ministry is about, focus on that, do it well, and refuse to be distracted. Remember the power of focus and identity.

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